Jameson The Cooper’s Croze

Jameson The Cooper’s Croze

700 Milliliters

Jameson The Cooper's Croze is part of the Whiskey Makers Series, an Irish whiskey that celebrates the craft of their head Cooper, Garr Buckley, honoring his craftsmanship in selecting, repairing and maintaining the precious casks at the Midleton Distillery and the tools he used to do so.


Nose - A delicate floral perfume, evolving into rich ripe fruit, charred oak, cedar and an infusion of American and Spanish oak character.

Taste - is of sweet vanilla of American ex-bourbon, rich fruit typical of sherry. Nice hint of hazelnut and toasted wood, spice.

Finish - long, with vanilla sweetness slowly fading to barley and oak. Alcoholic strength 43%.