Korten Winery Muscat Rakia

Korten Winery Muscat Rakia

700 Milliliters

Korten Winery Muscat is a high - quality brandy, created with a special technology by distilling wine from whole grapes of the Muscat Ottonel variety, in order to achieve an intense varietal flavour. Grapes for this brandy are hand-picked in crates, from a selected vine array. The brandy is aged successively in selected traditional oak barrels and Muscat Ottonel dessert wine barrels for more than 5 years.


Colour: Characterised by a golden, straw-yellow colour.

Nose: Unique rich aroma of Muscat, dried figs, raisins and delicate vanilla.

Finish: The brandy impresses with a noble softness, caressing warmth and harmonious spicy finish. Alc.40%.