The Macallan 15 Triple Cask Matured

The Macallan 15 Triple Cask Matured


The Macallan 15 Years Old Triple Cask whisky is aged in a balanced blend of European and American oak sherry casks and American oak ex-bourbon casks.

The combination of these three types makes the 15 Years Old Triple Cask an exciting single malt with noticeable orange and chocolate notes.

A superb offering if you miss the 15 years old from the now discontinued Fine Oak line, which fortunately can still be found here.


Colour: Intense Straw.

Nose: Full-bodied with delicate notes of roses and cinnamon, hot chocolate and caramom.

Flavour: Deep rich chocolate with hints of orange and raisins. Quince, butter, poached pears.

Finish: Very long on orange and dried fruits, cinnamon and raisins. Alcoholic strength 43%.